According to the American Bar Association, there's been a dramatic increase of Attorney's who specialize in defending animals. 

- And they're not just talking about the attorney who will represent OJ at his parole hearing tomorrow. 

- Some are evening taking the cases Pro-Bone-O. 


According to a new book, NJ Gov Chris Christie fell out of favor with the President because Trump is a "germaphobe" and was "grossed out" when he had to use Christie's phone. 

- Apparently Christie's phone was loaded with App...e-tizers. 


Madonna has put a stop to an auction scheduled for today that was set to sell off 22 of her personal items including a pair of her panties. 

- She's just embarrassed because at almost 60, the underwear is listed as "A Lot More "Material Girl" Granny Panties". 


Google is releasing 10 million genetically sterilized mosquitos in several states to combat diseases caused by the insect bites. 

- It was either that, or just call in a "SWAT Team". 


Rosie O'Donnell is causing waves again by Tweeting a link to a game that allows players to "Push Donald Trump Off a Cliff" or "Into a Volcano" over and over again. 

- Remember the good old days when people expressed their unhappiness with the Prez by saying, "No... I Don't Like Ike". 


A Seattle man has been arrested for DUI after crashing his car into a parking garage and admitting to cops he'd taken 5 "generic" Viagra Pills. 

- His family said despite the arrest, he's always been a real "stand up guy". 

- Police said after keeping him in a cell for longer than 4-Hours, they took him immediately to the hospital. 


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