Caitlyn Jenner went Prime Time last night and revealed that she had Bruce's private parts surgically removed in January. 

- The surgery is known in the industry as the "Voluntary Bobbitt". 


President Trump is demanding Congressional funding for the Mexican border wall or say's he'll shut down the government. 

- Right now the only thing scarier than the government shutting down is the government staying open. 


Meanwhile a Washington Post/ABC News Poll found that if the election were held today, Trump would still beat Hillary 43% to 40%. Meanwhile, former President Obama has agreed to give a speech to a bunch of Wall Street Bankers in September... for $400,000. 

- They actually wanted Hillary, but her speaking fee was too high. 


Former Fox News Anchor Bill O'Reilly spoke out about the sexual allegations against him for the first time Monday, saying "The truth will come out" and "America will be shaken". 

- Ironically, "Shaken" is how he served the martinis he gave the women he allegedly invited back to his hotel room. 


New Orleans is taking down Confederate Monuments in an effort to rid the city of those symbols. 

- However whistling the song "Dixie" is still allowed. 


North Korea detained a U.S. citizen for unknown reasons at Pyongyang Airport. 

- This kind of stuff never happened when they thought Dennis Rodman was the President. 


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