Bill O'Reilly is out at Fox News after more accusations of sexual misconduct surfaced and advertisers continued to bail on his show. 

- The accusations are "completely fabricated" according to O'Reilly's spokesperson, a Mr. B. Cosby. 

- Bill has entered the "No-Job Zone". 


A new study shows that women find ordinary men more attractive when they sense that the man has a creative spark. 

- Or in Larry King's case, a whole lotta hair dye. 


Malaysia Airlines has become the first airline to track planes with satellites. 

- It would have been nice if they'd implemented this technology a few years ago. 

- Meanwhile United Airlines is the first airline to attack passengers when it overbooks a flight. 


Warren Beatty told the Daily Mail that his flub at the Oscars was blown out of proportion. 

- Warren's slept with over 10,000 women.... so to him, calling out the wrong name is no big deal. 


During his trip to London next month, President Trump has requested a ride in Queen Elizabeth's Gilded Golden Carriage. 

- He also wants a "Fast Pass" so he doesn't have to wait in line. 


IKEA says it's planning on opening stand alone restaurants, that will feature their popular Swedish Meatballs, but won't have any furniture for sale. 

- Not to be outdone, look for a "Gardner White Castle" hamburger joint opening near you.


The U.S. Navy is redesigning submarines to be more accommodating to women. 

- For starters, all of the bunks will come with decorative throw pillows. 


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