Starbucks is offering a Pink, Purple and Blue "Unicorn Frappauchino" with sparkles. It changes color and taste as you stir it. 

- I never thought I'd say this... but I miss Sanka. 


Eric Trump says he thinks his father's golfing habits are great for International relations. 

- Case in point... the upcoming "Putt-Putt With Putin" Presidential Summit.  


Uber reportedly lost $2.8 billion in 2016. 

- We're only getting this info now because the driver delivering the report was 10 minutes late. 


A Yahoo/Marist poll found that 54% of the people who smoke marijuana are parents. 

- If you had to sit through 6 dance recitals, 9 swim practices and 13 soccer games every week, you'd probably fire up a doobie too. 


A study from Florida State University confirms that there's very little evidence that brain games can improve your memory or make you smarter. 

- It ain't true. I watch Jeopardy every night and I is intelligent.


Julia Roberts has been named People Magazine's "World's Most Beautiful" for a record-breaking fifth time. 

- Nothing against Julia, but this time around my money was on Caitlyn Jenner. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!