North Korean officials say they plan on test-firing nuclear missiles on "a weekly basis"; meanwhile Donald Trump said that Kim Jong Un has to "Behave". 

- It's like Trump is Austin Powers and KJU is Mini-Me. (Or even more like Fat Bastard)


According to a new book, "Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign", then President Obama had to call Hillary twice on election night to tell her to concede. 

- Turns out she wasn't just ready for a 3am call... she was ready for another one at 3:15am as well. 


21,000 people attended the Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn Monday. 

- In a related story, Bill Clinton hosted his annual "Easter Egg Roll-In-The-Hay" in the backyard of his house in Chappaqua. 


Researchers say that people are happiest at age 23 and 69. 

- Right up until the wealthy 69 year old man finds out that his hot 23 three year old 2nd wife is pregnant with twins. 


A new study found that more frequent sex can increase women's memory and help men live longer. 

- Which is kind of a mixed blessing for guys. You may live longer, but your wife is going to remember everything that she thinks you ever did wrong. 


A Traverse City boy was arrested for trying to choke his Mom after they argued about the lyrics to a Justin Bieber song. 

- It's kind of refreshing... Usually when the words "Arrested" and "Justin Bieber" are used in the same sentence, Justin's the one in jail. 


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