After 83 years with the Oscars, Price Waterhouse Cooper, the firm responsible for the Oscar fiasco, has been fired. 

- Great. And you thought the "In Memoriam" section was long this year. 


Meanwhile, PWC accountants have hired bodyguards after getting threats from the public.   

- The bodyguards actually have day jobs... and are just "Moonlight"-ing. 

- This stuff could only happen in LaLaLand. 

- Where was the public outrage when "Anchorman 2" was released??? 


A study by the University of Alberta found that Canada's public pools have over 20,000 gallons of urine in them. 

- Or as they call Urine in Canada, recycled Beer. 


A video has gone viral of a 90 year old man named "Vern" celebrating his birthday by heading to the gym and doing 24 Pull Ups, which are incredibly hard. 

- While that's an impressive number, my 85 year old Dad told me on my Radio Show that he had once done 200 of them, and was named the "Pull Up Champ of Ohio". 


The Obama's have signed a joint $65 Million book deal with Random House.

- In a related story, the Clinton's are hoping to win a $10 Million Prize from Publishers Clearing House.  


Top Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett has reportedly moved into their D.C. House to help the former President bring down Donald Trump.  

- She didn't do such a hot job of that when she lived in Obama's White House. 


A company survey revealed that Apple has created 2 million jobs in the United States. 

- And not one of those jobs is held by the guy with the Indian accent named "Steve" who always answers the phone when I need tech support. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!