President Trump wowed even a lot of Democrats last night with his first Prime Time address to Congress calling it "Uplifting" and "Presidential". The Prez was interrupted 58 times by standing ovations. 

- And just wait... this morning he'll probably send out a tweet claiming he was interrupted 458 times. 


Meanwhile the former Governor of Kentucky, a Democrat, stunned viewers during his "Democrat Response" to Trump's speech when he called himself "a proud Republican". 

- Looks like Warren Beatty has been handing out more envelopes that we realized. 


A group of women on the Democrat side of the aisle, including Nancy Pelosi, wore white to Trump's speech in support of women's issues. 

- It was a nice gesture, but apparently they aren't aware that you just DON'T wear white after Labor Day!


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg did not attend President Obama's Address. 

- But to be fair, Tuesday is her regular Bingo Night. 


The semi-celebrity cast of the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars includes former figure skater Nancy Kerrigan. 

- She's only been to one rehearsal and she's already complaining about a bad knee. 

- Producers say they considered having Nancy's rival Tonya Harding on as well, but say she's a "Whack Job". 


A new dating app called LIME matches people up based on similar step-counts it reads on people's iPhone Health Apps. 

- What it can't predict is how fast she'll run away when she see's you don't look anything like your profile picture. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!