Welcome to Podcast #212... Today Jackie and I welcome a special guest - my daughter (and her sister!) JoAnne to the Purtan Dining Room Table. Actually, JoAnne wasn't exactly seated at the table... but was laying on the floor while we recorded. She'll explain why. And if you thought she looked a little green broadcasting on Channel 7 last week... you were right. But when they say "Lights... Camera..." you gotta spring into "Action!". Speaking of "the Show Must Go On"... Jackie tells a story from her days in the Original Cast of the The Detroit Second City that shows just how far one person went to make sure that happened.

And of course we talk about the BIG Show! The 30 Annual 16-Hour Salvation Army Radiothon benefiting the Bed and Bread Club! It's coming up on Friday, February 24th and will be broadcast Live from the Emagine Theater in Royal Oak on WJR 760 AM from 6am to 10pm.

I'llbe hosting the 6pm to 10pm slot along with Big Al, Jackie and the rest of Purtan's People. I hope you'll tune in... but more importantly, I hope you'll donate! You can even do it right now by going to Salmich.org or by calling 248-528-0760! 

More on that... and lots of other good stuff in Podcast #212.  

Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!