Queen Elizabeth marked 65 years on the throne yesterday. 

- And she celebrated by declaring it "National Preparation H Day". 


President Trump reportedly left his own Super Bowl Party early and didn't see the Patriots win with their epic comeback. 

- A similar thing happened to Hillary Clinton when she went to bed early on Election Night. 


Hawaii is considering a bill that would legalize Prostitution. 

- I thought those lei's they give everyone when they get off the plane were Complimentary. 


A group at the University of Central Florida has organized a "Fight Club" designed to teach liberal students how to beat up Republicans on campus. 

- But participants still go home on the weekends to have Mom do their laundry. 


A new study found that Meditation is more effective than prescription drugs at treating anxiety. 

- But most people can't relax enough to meditate unless they pop a Xanax. 


Showbiz insiders say Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance has reignited her career. 

- Awesome! So now she can trade her Sirloin dress in for one made from Filet Mignon! 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!