They finally brought down the Silverdome yesterday after their first attempt failed over the weekend. 

- Same old. Same old. Just another Bomb on a Sunday that was incomplete at the Silverdome. 


This morning, 88 year old John Conyers announced that he is retiring - not resigning - effective immediately and endorsed his son John Conyers III for his seat in Congress. 

- Apparently John Sr. has high gropes... uh, "hopes" for his son's political future. 

- Conyers said he's retiring due to health concerns and not because of sexual harassment claims. Uh, huh. Yup. Gotcha. 


Conyer's "retirement" came just hours after new allegations that he put his hand up a woman's skirt and fondled her thigh while they were sitting in the front pew of Church. 

- Luckily, his wife Monica is very understanding and rarely flies off the handle. 


A series of photos of Madonna doing ballet in the nude are going up for auction. 

- Her enthusiasm for the dance is said to be "Infectious". Just like she is. 


British Airways has begun boarding planes in order of how much people paid for their tickets, with the highest going first.

- In a related story, United Airlines will begin dragging passengers off their planes starting with those who paid the least. 


Customs agents stopped a woman who tried to smuggle 250 pounds of Bologna across the border in her car yesterday. 

- Her lawyer claims she had no idea Micheal Moore was hiding in her trunk. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!