It's National "Wear Brown Shoes Day". Which reminds me of the time I, for some reason, thought it was a good idea to wear brown shoes with a Black Tux during an interview with then Bruce Jenner at the Autoshow. 

- It was embarrassing... then again, I'm not the one in the picture who ended up wearing high heels. 


Despite fanfare and a huge "Boom", The Pontiac Silverdome remained standing after the attempted implosion Sunday morning due to some explosives that didn't go off.  

- The company responsible says their demolition team is "in a rebuilding" phase. 


Time Magazine announced their finalists for this years "Person of the Year" and they include President Trump, Kim Jong Un and Colin Kaepernick. 

- "Tweet, Bomb & Kneel"... if none of them win, they could always form a morning radio team. 


British Royalty Experts say that Prince Harry's fiancee Meghan Merkle needs to stop crossing her legs in public, which is considered a Royal no-no. 

- But they say she'd better uncross them in private if she and Harry expect to end up with an "Heir and a Spare".


The Sheriff of a small town in Texas said he will no longer give hugs in the workplace and will stick to "handshakes and knuckle bumps" in the wake of so many sexual harassment allegations. 

- Is it just me or does a "Knuckle Bump" sound like something that could still get you in trouble? 


Medical experts say that men can actually be allergic to sex, and suffer flu-like symptoms for up to 7 days after doing the horizontal mambo. 

- No wonder Harvey Weinstein always looks so clammy. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!