Welcome to the end of 2017, the beginning of 2018 & a special Christmas/New Year's Holiday Podcast... #224!  Join me and three of the six Purtan girls - Jackie, Jill & JoAnne - as we gather around the Purtan dining room table to share memories of our annual trips to Buffalo to visit the girl's Grandma and Grandpa (aka Gail's Mom & Dad) and, of course, wait for Santa!

From a scandalous secret trip downstairs to see if St. Nick & Rudolph had been by..."Christmas Carols and Pickled Pigs Feet" at 90-something GREAT Grandma LaFleur's house... and the kids showering "in threes" to save time and water, the stories flow like Egg Nog at an office party.

If you want to use your "Nog"-gin... Jill fills us in on the new internet trivia sensation "HQ" - that you play twice a day with millions of people internationally - that actually pays off in cash for the winners!

And, finally, our Amazon "Alexa" interrupts our conversation when somebody around the table accidentally mentions her name. (Finally a woman at the table whose name doesn't start with a "J"!)  We join in with Alexa and Frank Sinatra for a musical celebration of New Year's Eve with a stirring rendition of "New York, New York!". 

So while you're waiting for the Ball to Drop... or just dropping by between Football games (Go Blue & Congrats to MSU!) tune in to Podcast #224! 

And from the entire Purtan Family to you and yours... Happy New Year! May 2018 be filled with Health, Happiness, Peace & Joy!