A Japanese stylist is using hair dye and tattoo ink to give customers "Donald Trump on the back of their heads". 

- You may not have seen that coming... but you can sure see it going. 


Arnold Schwarzenegger rode a bicycle through Paris and criticized the President Trump over his decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Change deal. 

- Arnold should stick to doing what he does best. The housekeeper.


A former female "Jeopardy!" champ has been charged with illegally accessing e-mail accounts at Adrian College.

- The Police Report read: "Jail Time"... "What is what the former Champ may be facing?"


Matt Laurer has been seen driving around the Hamptons now that he's out of a job. 

- He was incognito, but the "Honk If I've Harassed You!" bumper sticker on his car gave him away. 


CVS has purchased Aetna healthcare for $68 billion dollars. 

- I think we can all feel good about having our Colonoscopies covered by the same company that sells the "As Seen On TV" Drain Snake. 


Citizens in the Irish town where Viagra is manufactured say that sniffing the air is making men aroused. 

- So it's true... "Oh Danny Boy... The Pipes, The Pipes Are Calling!"


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