According to former DNC chair Donna Brazille's new book, Hillary Clinton personally came up with the idea of having protestors dress up as Donald Duck to disrupt Trump rallies. 

- It makes sense since Donald Duck and Bill Clinton are known for Not wearing pants.


A year ago today, millions of Americans woke up to find that Donald Trump had beaten Hillary Clinton to win the Presidency. 

- But thankfully Hillary voters have gotten over it and moved on with their lives. (Yeah, right)


The Palm Springs, Calif., City Council elected transgender and bisexual members on Tuesday making the entire council LGBT.

- Not one straight member? What happened to DIVERSITY??? 


Former President Obama reported for Jury duty yesterday and was selected for a trial. 

- Just for fun, he's gonna find the defendant guilty and then pardon him. 


Kevin Spacey has been edited out of the movie, "All The Money In The World" and a Carol Burnett Tribute Special - both of which were already filmed and ready for release. 

- "I'm so Glad We Had This Time Together" said NONE of Spacey's accusers. EVER. 


Pope Francis chastised his weekly audience in St. Peter's Sq. for using their smartphones during his sermon, telling them to lift up their hearts and not their cell phones. 

- When some parishioners refused, an exasperated Pope said "Fine! Wait 'til your Heavenly Father gets home!"


It's "National Carl Sagan Day"! 

Unfortunately, there are BILLIONS and BILLIONS of kids who are too young to remember who he was. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!