It's official! Justin Verlander and Kate Upton tied the knot Saturday in Tuscany, Italy, just four days after the groom's World Series win. 

- Justin is said to be "over the Moon" and now has more rings than Saturn. 

- He may be an Astro... but Kate says he was still a Tiger on their Wedding Night. 


Alec Baldwin announced that he is deleting his Twitter account... AGAIN... this time after facing backlash after he basically "blamed the victim" in the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal. 

- No more tweets from Alec??? Where are we supposed to get our news from now??? 


Republican Sen. Rand Paul suffered five broken ribs while mowing his lawn after his anti-Trump neighbor attacked him from behind.  

- I would have thought he would have attacked him from the Left. 


Anthony Weiner heads to prison today to begin serving his 21-month sentence for sexting with an underage girl.

- To borrow the Oscar Mayer song, everybody sing!  "Oh I'm glad I'm not that guy, Anthony Weiner. That is who I truly don't want to be... Cuz if I was that guy, Anthony Weiner... All the prisoners would be in love with me!"


An expert with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine says men will be able to give birth to babies by the end of the year through "womb transplants". 

- I'm assuming their gonna have C-Sections or they're gonna have to have something else transplanted too. 

- So the next Baby Shower you attend might be at Hooters! 


A study by Colombia University found that depression is on the rise among children. 

- Of course they're depressed. First Michele Obama took away their favorite foods, then the PC police took away their Halloween costumes. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!