Turns out in addition to Palaces and Royal Jewels, Queen Elizabeth actually owns a McDonald's restaurant outside of London. 

- Poor Prince Charles. He doesn't even get to be The Burger King. 


An investigation has begun after it was revealed that the Clinton Campaign and the DNC paid for the infamous "Anti-Trump Dossier" during the campaign. 

- I'm beginning to think Hillary and the Democrats don't care for Trump. 


A protester threw a Russian flag at President Trump during his appearance at the Capitol yesterday. 

- It went right over his head since he was taking a knee during the Russian National Anthem. 


Time Magazine has named Google the "Most Influential Website of All Time".

- Obviously they've never clicked on dickpurtan.com!


On this day in 1936 a radio station in Berlin broadcast the first call-in request show, called "You Ask - We Play". 

- A Mr. A. Hitler made the first request: the "Let's Invade Poland Polka!"


RIP Fats Domino who has died at the age of 89. Ain't That A Shame. :(


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!