Tonight is Game One of the World Series and word is, NONE of the Astros or Dodgers will take a knee during the National Anthem.

- In keeping with tradition, they will however, spit tobacco and scratch their groins. 


Psychic Uri Geller says that he was brought in by the CIA to help with the JFK Assassination investigation and that he has held onto "shocking" info for more than 50 years.

- If he's such a great Psychic, wouldn't he have called the CIA BEFORE the assassination???


A study by the University of Beirut found that giving marijuana to fish will not reduce their stress levels. 

- Researchers said Pot still gave them the munchies but instead of Doritos they all wanted Goldfish. 


A new report revealed that North Korea has been secretly manufacturing biological weapons. 

- Sounds like Kim Jong Un finally cracked open the "Chemistry Set for Jr. Scientists" that Dennis Rodman gave him for his birthday. 


Hillary Clinton will be at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor tonight as part of the tour for her Election Memoir "What Happened". There are plenty of tickets still available. 

- When she found out it wasn't sold out, she was like, "What Happened?" 


A Yahoo survey found that 74% of young adults prefer to communicate digitally. 

- They say it's quicker than actually "talking" and is known as "Instagram-ification". 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!