In their heated debate last night, Donald Trump said he'll release his tax returns when Hillary Clinton releases her 33,000 missing emails. 

- So all we have to do is wait for Hell to freeze over. 


Debate Moderator, NBC News Anchor Lester Holt is being criticized for Not asking Hillary Clinton tough questions. 

- Like Benghazi, The Clinton Foundation, and Her Plan to get Brad and Angelina back together again. 


The Donald has been criticized for rambling all over the place with his comments. 

- They should have brought in a  band to play "Ramblin Gamblin Man".

- I thought for sure Kanye West was gonna jump on stage and proclaim that "Hillary is the greatest Presidential Debater of all time!" 


Despite fears that Hillary's pneumonia would cause her to have a coughing fit, Donald was the one who kept sniffling. 

- It was like watching "Sniffles the Clown" vs. "Little Red Email-Hood".


A study by Michigan State University found that riding a high-intensity roller coaster can help people pass kidney stones. 

- And if the roller coaster comes to a stop when you're upside down, they found people passed a lot more than that. 


A man shot a barista a a Las Vegas Starbucks after his credit card was declined. 

- Luckily no one was injured since it was a Shot of Espresso. 


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