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Welcome to the first weekend of Fall and Podcast #204. We actually recorded it last Sunday (when it was still Summer), but with the passing of longtime Detroit news anchor and talk show host John Kelly, I decided to postpone putting it up until today. 

In this go round, Jackie and I will give you a list of reasons to embrace the change of seasons (got hairy arms? Autumn is your time of the year!) Then, I serve as your own personal "audio book" - reading more of the new best-seller "Seinfeldia". 

From why NBC had to shell out big bucks to name "Kramer", "Kramer", how Jason Alexander beat out scores of other actors to land the role of "George", and the actress who almost became "Elaine" before Julia Louis Dreyfus got the part, it's all in Podcast #204. 

So put on your Puffy Shirt and tune in... if you don't... "NO SOUP FOR YOU!"

Have a great day and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog.


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