A bombshell report revealed that President Obama sent $400 Million in cash to Iran in an unmarked plane that landed at the exact same time that Iran released 4 Americans who had been held hostage. The White House claims it was not "Ransom" money. 

- Say what you will about Trump, but he would never send Anyone Anything on an Unmarked Plane. 


Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled that a Virginia school board can block a transgender boy (who was born a girl) from using the boys restroom when school starts next month.

- But girls having been using the boys room for years... Think: Pine Knob. 


Clint Eastwood called out Americans for being too sensitive,  & too "PC" and says that he thinks Donald Trump is "on to something". 

- As opposed to Bernie Sanders who was ON Something. 

- Few people heard Clint's comments since he gave them during an interview with an empty chair. 


Today is National White Wine Day.

- Can you say that these days???

- Look for tweets with the hashtag: #WineTooWhite


For the first time in US history, bottled water has replaced soda pop as the best selling bottled drink. 

- That may be true, but my ex brother-in-law Joe still insists you can't beat Whiskey and Mountain Dew!!!


Reports say 12,000 "Sex Workers" in Rio are hoping to strike Gold at the Olympics by "making big money and meeting men from around the world". 

- Apparently Zika isn't the only virus running rampant in Rio. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!


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