Donald Trump is being mocked for Tweeting a picture that shows him eating KFC with a knife and  fork. 

- The way things are going for him lately, KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Crow.


Vice President Joe Biden officiated a same-sex wedding for two White House staffers on Tuesday. 

- Biden performed the ceremony...and President Obama gave away the country. 


People on Twitter are using the hashtag #DemocraticWarMovies and posting movie titles that sound like a Clinton Scandal. 

- Among them: "Debbie Wasserman Schultz Does Dallas", "Ben Hur-Ghazi" & for Bill, "I Know Who You Did Last Summer". 


A new study by the AP found that a there is no actual proof that flossing provides any benefit to your mouth. 

- A spokesman for Dentists said that the people who did the study were "missing more than a few Wisdom Teeth". 


Floridians who believe they may have the Zika virus are being urged to refrain from having sex. 

- So guys, don't be surprised if your wife says "Not tonight honey, I've got the Zika virus".


The widow of a Saudi billionaire skipped her husband's funeral so she could party on the Riviera. 

- She's lucky he's dead... if he was alive, he'd kill her. 


A dog in West Virginia put it's owners parked car in Drive and crashed it into a Walmart. 

- Yup... It was a Range Rover. 

- How many of you could Spot that one coming? 


America's Olympic Swimmers are being warned not to stick their heads in the water in Rio because it's contaminated. 

- Huh???

- This is gonna make it really tough for the underwater synchronized swim team. 


The iconic Mickey Mouse Watch was unveiled by Disney on this day in 1933. 

- It's still worn today by two famous people: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!