The 2016 Rio Olympic Games officially came to an end last night. The Top Medal totals were:  USA - 121. China - 70, Great Britain - 67...

- ... and Ryan Lochte - 0... As in chances of him getting anymore endorsement deals.)


Speaking of the Olympics... a wrestling coach for Team Mongolia stripped down to his underwear in protest Sunday after losing the Bronze Medal to Uzbekistan. 

- He's one Mongolian who really had a Beef. 


Speaking of beef... Kim Kardashian has admitted to getting butt injections. 

- Now her assets over a butt load of cash.  


Lindsay Lohan has agreed to an interview on Russian State Television IF they meet her demands...including a private jet, lots of money, and a meeting and photos with Vladimir Putin.

- Lindsay's a lot like Putin... although she needs to throw back a few shots before she takes her shirt off. 


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said today that he'll use a nuke to turn Washington, D.C. into "a heap of ashes" if the US tries to stop his nuclear program.

- Well somebody's feeling pretty important in his new Middle School uniform!


An FDA study suggests that pregnant women who take acetaminophen are more likely to have a hyperactive child. 

- So ladies, don't take Tylenol...Take Tylenol PM. 


 A new mega-luxury apartment complex in Los Angeles is offering residents free on-site botox injections.

- This explains the Change of Address card I got in the Mail from Cher over the weekend. 

- It's actually a ploy to keep residents from looking shocked when they jack up their rent. 


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