Uber is set to begin using driverless cars. 

- Hmmm... a drunk guy in the backseat and no one behind the wheel. What could go wrong?


Hillary Clinton says that when it comes to tax reform, "It's time for the wealthiest to pay". 

- Looks like somebody is going to have to up her speaking fees to help cover what she's gonna owe the IRS. 


Meanwhile Hillary said she'd create 10 million new jobs if she wins the Presidency. 

- And 9 million of those jobs will be "Email Deleters". 


New questions today about whether or not Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte and several others were actually robbed at gunpoint in Rio. 

- If it's not true... they're the ONLY people who haven't been robbed at gunpoint in Rio. 


Meanwhile... new reports out this morning say that a drunken Lochte and his friends destroyed a gas station bathroom and were actually confronted by an employee with a gun who demanded they pay for the damages. 

- If video backs up the story...it looks like the gas station guy is going to take the Gold in this one. 


A new study revealed that the number one excuse Men use to cover up an affair is to say they're playing golf. 

- Hey... it worked for Tiger Woods. 

- The news has left a lot of ladies Teed off. 


A man in Ohio was arrested for allegedly trying to have a romantic interlude with the grill of his Van. 

- I guess he missed the part where you're supposed to have a romantic interlude in the BACK of your Van. 

- This gives new meaning to "Love...It's What Makes a Subaru a Subaru". 


The newest trend in celebrity spas is to get wrapped in a giant burrito shell that is supposed to help you sweat out toxins. 

- It's Nacho typical spa treatment. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!