In Albuquerque, New Mexico... teachers at an elementary school have been ordered to stop using the term "boys & girls" and to make their classrooms "gender neutral". 

- The kids are really going to enjoy reading "Curious George Goes To The Breast Implant Surgeon". 


There's a new dating App called NudistFriends...where "Naturalists" looking for love post naked pictures of themselves and wait for a response. 

- And you thought the profile pics were fake on


The FBI has uncovered almost 15 thousand new emails showing that Foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation got special access to Hillary Clinton in what is being called the "Pay for Play" scandal. 

- And I remember Disc Jockey's who lost their jobs for taking 5 bucks to play songs like "Dance Monkey" by Herb & The High Notes. 

- Look for the FBI to take immediate action...and by "immediate" they mean mid-November. 


President Obama is set to head to flood ravaged Louisiana today after wrapping up his Golfing vacation on Martha's Vineyard... but critics say his visit comes a little too late. 

- The White House says he would have cut his vacation short to address the disaster... but he's not running for re-election. 


Four major sponsors... including Speedo and Ralph Lauren...have cancelled their endorsement deals with Ryan Lochte after the "Robbery in Rio" debacle. 

- I'll bet his head is swimming. 


The Girls Scouts of America are adding a new cookie - "S'Mores" to their line-up. 

- A lot of people worry about gaining weight during Girl Scout season... which is why I only eat the Thin Mints. 


A teacher in Texas announced that there will be no homework for students this year... saying there is no evidence that homework improves performance at school. 

- Which is exactly why I never did  mine. 

- The first bell hasn't even rung yet and the kids have already voted her "Teacher of the Year". 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!