Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson has filed a sexual harassment suit against the networks president Roger Ailes, claiming he fired her because she rebuffed his repeated sexual advances. 

- Ailes denied any wrong doing saying, "If I was gonna sexually harass anybody it would be Megyn Kelly".


Michigan and Notre Dame are in talks to renew their football rivalry. 

- Let's hope they do... I just hope the Wolverines never renew their rivalry with Appalachian State.


FBI Director James Comey is appearing before the Congressional Committee investigating how the FBI came to the conclusion of not indicting Hillary Clinton over the email scandal. 

- There hasn't been anybody in a seat this hot since Ted Bundy was offed in the electric chair. 


Meanwhile the Clinton campaign has released a bunch of ads touting her innocence in the FBI investigation. 

- Even O.J. Simpson thinks she got away with murder. 


A new study found that couples who split up household chores have 0.5 more sexual encounters per month than couples who don't share the workload. 

- Question: What is HALF a sexual encounter?


The new CEO of Ashley Madison says he's "profoundly sorry" that the website exposed the names of cheaters. 

- He's not nearly as sorry as the guys whose names were on the list. 


A study by the NeuroMed Institute found that pasta is NOT fattening. 

- The study was funded by The Olive Garden. 

- So when it comes to dieting... "The Penne Is Mightier Than The Swordfish".


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