Scientists have developed a software program that can detect if a person is lying in written communications including everything from emails to credit card applications. 

- They got the idea by reading the profiles on 

- The scientists say the program is much more effective at detecting lies than human beings are... Especially the FBI.


Hundreds of people - sans clothing - are expected to celebrate "Nude Recreation Week" in Arizona this weekend which will culminate with a dance and karaoke. 

- Nervous singers will be encouraged to picture the audience in their underwear...which, to be honest, will be a big improvement. 


Thieves in Detroit broke into a Beauty Supply store and made off with $50,000 worth of hair extensions. 

- Police say the suspects are "armed and suffering from male pattern baldness". 


Rapper Snoop Dogg will headline the Democratic National Convention's "Unity Party' for donors in Philadelphia.  

- Hillary is reportedly furious, saying she's tired of people Snooping into her personal (and highly classified) business. 


Starbucks has revealed that it will permanently increase the price of many of it's coffee concoctions starting July 12th. No word yet on which drinks will be effected. 

- Customers are all abuzz about the news... of course it could just be the caffeine. 

- Am I the only one who misses Sanka? 


Two little girls in Ottawa, Canada - ages 5 and 7, were forced to close down their lemonade stand because they didn't have a permit. 

- When asked how they were doing, the girls said "not so good, eh, but thanks for aaaskin."


A 510-foot-long, $100 million Noah's ark attraction is ready to open in Kentucky this week.

- Pets are allowed, but only if you bring them in pairs. 

- The company that built the ark say they've been Flooded with requests for tickets. 


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