The infamous TV psychic Miss Cleo has died at the age of 53. 

- This means Donald Trump is now looking for a new Foreign Policy Advisor. 

- Mourners will be charged $9.99 a minute to attend the viewing. 


Donald Trump is still taking heat from Democrats for what his camp called a sarcastic comment encouraging the Russians to find Hillary Clinton's missing emails. 

- The Dems think Trump is a big fan of "Vlad Putin and Putin's People". 


Tuesday night, Bill Clinton gave an impassioned speech at the DNC that detailed his 40 year romance with Hillary.

- Critics are saying that just like "The Notebook"... it was a tear-jerker and largely fictional. 


A CNN Poll shows Donald Trump with a 5 point lead over Hillary Clinton. 

- Trump got the Scott Baio bump. 


Bernie Sanders has officially left the Democratic Party and will return to the Senate as an Independent. 

- I didn't think he was ever IN the Democratic Party. 


A new poll found that 48% of likely voters don't know enough about Trump's VP pick, Mike Pence, to have an opinion of him. 

- And that's about as American as it gets. 


A giant Rubber Duck has gone missing from a pond in New Jersey.

- Police are looking for two suspects... Bert and Ernie. 


A 68 year old man in Missouri has been charged with sexually harassing a cow. 

- The incident happened at a Heavy Petting Zoo. 

- This is what happens when a Farmer gets his delivery of mail-order Viagra. 

- So the Cow has a real beef with this guy. 


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