Bernie Sanders told his supporters at the DNC that "Hillary Clinton must be the next President of the United States". 

- Apparently the only Bernie supporter who's giving up on the "Revolution" is Bernie. 


Susan Sarandon says that the DNC campaign to sabotage Bernie was "disgusting" and that Hillary is more dangerous than Donald Trump. 

- So look for Susan to be starring in absolutely No movies coming to a theater near you.


A British study found that Fish are susceptible to getting arthritis. 

- Luckily, they can reduce the inflammation by taking a Fish Oil pill. 


Starbucks is expanding the dress code for Baristas... who will now be allowed to wear items including skinny jeans, dresses and Fedoras, and are being encouraged to dye their hair to "express themselves". 

-  I miss Sanka. 


A man in Washington state led police on an hour long high speed chase...because he "was bored". 

- He was going to play Pokemon Go but thought a high speed chase would be less dangerous. 


Police rushed to Lindsay Lohan's apartment after she claimed her fianc√© tried to strangle her during a fight over the weekend. 

- He claims Linsday is the one who flipped out when he came back from the store with Pepsi instead of the Coke she'd asked for. 


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