A new study by AAA found that 80% of drivers in the US displayed Road Rage in the last year including honking, tailgating, and flipping off another driver.  

- And 70% of drivers admitted to doing all three of those during a recent freeway shutdown for repaving. 


CNN mysteriously lost their feed of a reporter covering a Hillary Clinton speech yesterday just as the reporter began criticizing Her. The screen went black. 

- And you wonder how they got the nickname "Clinton News Network"?


President Obama is taking heat for saying that it's easier for a teenager to get a gun than it is to get a book. 

- It's not that teens can't GET books... They just won't READ them. 


A British study found that Dinosaurs made "adorable bird noises". 

- They broke the news in an adorable sounding Tweet. 

- I want to get hundreds of thousands of dollars to do a study that absolutely no one can disprove. 


Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart says Millennials are "lazy, self-indulgent and lack the initiative to be successful" and that they are "living in their parents basements." 

- But she said they inspired a great new side dish: "Roasted Couch Potatoes served on a Lazy Susan". 


An alligator at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio has died despite zookeepers' efforts to revive him with CPR. 

- As they say, "See Ya Later, Alligator". 


Televangelist David Turner has purchased actor Tyler Perry's 34 thousand sq. ft. Atlanta mansion including a lighted tennis court, gym, infinity pool and theater for $17.5 million. He said God told him to buy the mansion. 

- He also said God asked people to keep sending in donations. Apparently somebody's electric bill just went up. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!


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