This Just In from the Associated Press: "Trump Reaches Delegate Number To Clinch GOP Nomination".  Meanwhile, last night Trump made an offer to debate Bernie Sanders in California and Sanders tweeted "Game On".

- The big news here is that Bernie Sanders knows how to use Twitter! 


The View's Joy Behar ripped Kelly Ripa's angry reaction to Michael Strahan's departure from "Live! With Kelly & Michael", saying "It's called Show Business, not Show Therapy". 

- Then she stormed off the set after someone said something "mean" about President Obama. 


A North Carolina high school wants to ban skinny jeans and leggings. 

- But protestors say students should be able to wear whatever type of pants they identify themselves with on any given day. 


The TSA has fired it's head of security over the massive lines that have been forming at airports. 

- He not only got a pink slip, they made him take his shoes off and gave him an invasive pat-down. 


A Columbia University study found that a chemical in plastic water bottles has been linked to childhood obesity. 

- Luckily, most U.S. kids skip the bottled water and stick to full sugar pop out of a can. 


A University of South Carolina study found that 1.4% of college students have either spiked another person's drink or know someone who has. 

- The drinks are known as "Bill Cosby Jell-O Pudding Shots". 


Oregon has raked in $40 Million more than expected from the sale of marijuana. 

- Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

- The amount was supposed to be released in January, but the guy doing the counting kept getting distracted and had to start over. 


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- Dick