A former McDonald's CEO says that minimum wage workers may soon be replaced by cheaper robot workers. 

- The robots are almost ready... they just have to reprogram them to get your drive-thru order wrong. 


Temps will reach a near record high of 84 this afternoon, just 10 days after Metro-Deroit saw snow and sleet. 

- This is why I always sprinkle a little Rock Salt on top of my sun screen. 


Governor Snyder has declared an Energy Emergency in Michigan claiming gas supplies are too low as we head into the long Memorial Day Weekend. 

- His administration suggested filling up your tank with water from Flint, but than realized most cars take unleaded. 


Yesterday a judge ordered that Bill Cosby will stand trial for sexually assaulting a woman at his mansion back in 2004. 

- His alleged victim said, "I'll drink to that!" 


A State Department Audit just released this morning says that Hillary Clinton violated Government Policy - and her own rules - when it came to using a private server when she was Secretary of State. 

- They sent her the news in an email...but she claims she can't find it. 


A protest turned violent outside a Trump Rally in New Mexico last night. Meanwhile inside Trump shouted down protestors saying one kid "was still wearing diapers". 

- That's the same thing he said last week about Bernie Sanders. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!