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Welcome to Memorial Day Weekend and Podcast #196...For this special long-weekend edition, former "Purtan's Person" Tom Delisle rejoins Jackie and me at the Purtan Dining room table. We offer up a full picnic table full of topics including: 

- Hitler's Mein Kampf - Tom actually read it, and why he decided Hitler wasn't just evil, he was an idiot.

- Sparky Anderson (neither evil nor an idiot!!!) 

- Planes, Trains & Automobiles. (You're probably spending time in at least one of them over the Holiday). 

- The one type of alleged "jokes" where I agree with the PC world. 

- Dating advice that two nurses gave to Jackie... (Think: more "The Bachelorette" and Less "Jeopardy!")  

- The new traffic lights built into the cement on sidewalks - - so people can keep looking down at their cell phones while waiting for the light to change. 


- Banter than goes from Bunkers to Big Butts to Bundt Cakes (as in My Big Fat Greek Wedding).

So let the burgers do their thing on the grill and take a few minutes to tune into Podcast #196. It may be "rare"... but this one's "well-done"! 

Have a great rest of the weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with a special Memorial Day Post.