Congrats to Tiger pitcher Justin Verlander and super model Kate Upton who announced their engagement.

- And if he needs relief help on his wedding night, there are about a million guys who would be willing to be called in. 


Some in the entertainment industry claim that Hollywood is failing to represent enough transgender characters in the movies. 

- Coming soon to a theater near you: "Fifty Shades of Gay" and "When Harry Became Sally".


Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan found out on Monday that they won a Daytime Emmy for their work together. 

- And after having to pretend they like each other for the next two weeks, they're a shoe in for next year's Best Actor Awards.  


The first American cruise ship pulled into Havana yesterday. 

- It was confusing for Cubans because they're not used to people coming into Cuba, they're used to people trying to get out. 

- It took two tries to dock the boat. The first attempt was close, but no cigar. 


Disney World is now selling Weddings inside the Magic Kingdom for $75,000.

- They say they can only accommodate 20 guests...because it's a small world, after all. 

- For an extra 10 grand all of the Disney Characters will take part in the ceremony except for Donald Duck because he doesn't wear pants. 

- The ceremony will be 45 minutes long. Or 10 minutes if you have a Fast Pass. 


A Texas high school fired a French teacher who couldn't speak French. 

- But they're gonna stick with their policy of hiring English teachers who don't speak English.


TMZ is reporting that someone is shopping around a sex tape starring Blac Chyna and Tyga. 

- This is HUGE NEWS... If you happen to know who either of those people are. 


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