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Welcome to Opening Day Weekend and Podcast #191. Today Jackie and I sit down at the Purtan Family Dining Room Table for an off the cuff conversation including:

- An update on James "The Walking Man" Robertson... and the nostalgic way he spent Opening Day. 

- Hannibal and his Elephants. 

- Another "Hannibal"... and his co-star. 

- How "Dress Up As Your Favorite Historical Character Day", when Jackie was in Junior High, turned out to be more of a learning experience for the school's Vice Principal than for the students. 

- The reality show that I have to watch occasionally because my wife Gail likes it. 

- The Pope's rather shocking new pronouncement about people needing to enjoy "erotic sex"... whatever that is. 


- A 2 foot tall unisex robot...and the effect it had on some college students (Let's just say the Pope would approve). 

So make like an elephant and remember to tune in to podcast #191! 

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog!