Charlize Theron told British GQ Magazine that it's much harder for pretty women to land good movie roles. 

- If you're one of the two people who feel bad for her... let's get together, make some signs and start a movement: #PrettyActressesLivesMatter. 


Gwyneth Paltrow underwent a therapy treatment to soften her skin in which she was stung by thousands of bees. 

- The event will be recreated in her new movie: "Shakespeare's In Love With An Idiot". 


Yesterday, Bernie Sanders told a group at a rally that Hillary Clinton is "Unqualified to be President" because she takes millions in donations from Wall Street. 

- Hillary fired back that they weren't donations... she actually gave two whole speeches to earn that money. 


Bernie also said that he's inspiring a new American Revolution. 

- During the last American Revolution that Bernie was part of, everyone wore tri-cornered hats. 


A study by YourHealth found that certain sunscreen brands may interfere with the production of sperm cells. 

I think the lesson here is...Don't put sunscreen where the sun don't shine. 


Simon Cowell says he won't be watching tonight's farewell to "American Idol" because the show came "unraveled" after he and Paula Abdul left. 

- Personally, I thought it unravelled when William Hung auditioned with "She Bang!"


The children's show "Thomas the Tank Engine" has added new characters depicting trains from China and Mexico. 

- The Mexican train has a dining car where you can get a sandwich and some Coke. 

- It's only fitting they have a train representing China, since Chinese kindergarteners are the ones who made it.


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!