A Bentley owned by Queen Elizabeth has gone up for sale for $285,000.

- If you want more info, just check out the listing on Sir Craig's List. 


After last nights loss to Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin, Hillary Clinton is trying to reach out to his voter base. 

- Her plan is to try and "redistribute" his delegates to her. 


A British study found that 60% of married women fantasize about an ex-lover. 

- The same study found that 100% of married men named "Bill Clinton" do the same thing. 


South Korea says that North Korea is now able to mount nuclear warheads on short range missiles. 

- South Korean officials are nervous since Kim Jong Un has already run out of relatives to test the missiles on. 


The Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls are reportedly pondering a joint tour. 

- The idea came up after the two groups ran into each other during an Early Bird Dinner at Denny's. 


A list of items purchased by convicted murderer Jodi Arias from the prison commissary has been released. It includes 10 "Shank proof" toothbrushes, Dandruff shampoo, and Beano. 

- Apparently she's trying to keep her cell from becoming a Gas Chamber. 


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