Ben & Jerry's is giving away free Bernie Sanders-inspired ice cream ahead of the New York primaries. 

- It comes on a stick and is known as a "Metamu-cicle". 

- They say it's part of their "Redistribution of Ice Cream" Program. 


Top Hillary Clinton staffer Huma Abedin (aka Mrs. Anthony Weiner) says the first time she saw Hillary she thought "Oh my God...she's so beautiful". 

- Bill said, "Seriously? Are you talking about MY Hillary?"


Sarah Palin posted a Facebook photo of herself holding a dead boar alongside a message supporting Donald Trump. 

- Donald immediately said she was ugly... then sent out a clarification saying he was talking about the boar. 


A new survey shows that 25% of people have used a sick day to take care of their pet. 

- The same survey showed that Dogs were grateful, but Cats were like, "Fine. But where are you taking me for Spring Break?" 


An new study shows that the average "physical interlude" lasts 5.4 minutes. 

- See ladies? You haven't been giving men enough credit!


Villanova beat North Carolina to become NCAA Champs last night with a three-point shot at the buzzer. 

- Now the only thing left of "March Madness" is this April cold weather. 


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