Italian schools have made "wine tasting classes" part of the curriculum for First Graders starting next year. 

- It's known as their "Ernest & Julio Down By The Schoolyard Program". 

- They're even launching a cartoon to show during class called "Dora the Drunk Explorer". 

- The kids will be known as "Cabernet Sauvig-youngs". 

- And at school parties, the kids will play "Pinot the Tail on the Donkey". 


The Secret Service caught an intruder trying to jump the White House fence on Sunday. 

- Poor Al Gore. He's still trying to find a way to get into the White House. 


Donald Trump announced that part of his plan to reduce the national debt would be to sell off hundreds of government buildings that are not being used. 

- For example, the Capitol Building.  


An Intel survey found that most Americans would share their private data for money. 

- With one exception... Hillary Clinton. She won't even do it with a court order. 


The Prime Minister of Spain is vowing to get rid of "siestas" - the traditional three hour break Spanish workers take during the afternoon. 

- Here in America, McDonald's is vowing to get rid of the "McSiesta" where the workers spend three hours intentionally screwing up customers' drive thru orders. 


Caitlyn Jenner will join the cast of the TV show "Transparent". 

- Let's just hope she doesn't wear "transparent" pants. 


My Alma Mater Syracuse did not make it to The Big Dance after being defeated by North Carolina in their Final Four match-up. But Congrats to them for making it almost all the way! Villanova vs. North Carolina for the NCAA Championship Title tonight at 9:19pm. 

Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!