Donald Trump took time out from campaigning to visit his daughter Ivanka and his newborn Grandson Theodore James. 

- Or as The Donald calls him, "Cryin' Ted". 


Sally Miller, the woman who for years has claimed she had a three year affair with Bill Clinton when he was the Governor of Arkansas, said in a new interview that Bill used to come to her house, dress up in her little black nightie and play the sax. 

- He did the same thing when he was dating Hillary, but he used to slip into her little black pant suit. 


Starbucks is unveiling a new marketing campaign that urges customers to discuss the Presidential Election. 

- For example, they have new cups reading: "Caution: Hot! You Might Bern Yourself".


A study by Leeds Beckett University found that some parents give potato chips and soft drinks to children as young as 5 months old. 

- And you thought the Gerber baby looked happy.


Justin Bieber posted a naked picture of his rear end on Instagram.

- No word where he took the photo...but his butt is usually in jail. 

- Unlike Kim Kardashian, he didn't have to use the "Panoramic" setting to get both cheeks in. 


Elton John is being sued for sexual harassment by one of his former male security guards, who claims Elton demanded that he drop his pants and prepare to "Meet Uncle Elton". 

- The security guy described "Uncle Elton" as more like "Little Jeannie".

- Elton couldn't bring himself to apologize, saying "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word". 


Just days after President Obama finished up his historic visit to Cuba, Fidel Castro wrote an op-ed for a newspaper in which he slammed Obama. 

- Apparently he wasn't impressed by the "Cuban Cigar of the Month" membership Barack and Michelle gave him as a hospitality gift.


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