It's St. Patrick's Day... a day set aside to honor St. Patrick by wearing funny hats, drinking green beer, eating corned beef and cabbage and listening to songs about Green Alligators and Long-Necked Geese. 

And in the words of "Patty O'Furniture", who called my radio show every March 17th for years... "May Someone Else's Wind Always Be At Your Back".


Madonna, who recently ranted on stage for 15 minutes about losing custody of her son, denied being drunk at the time. 

- Yes, and the Pope is a Protestant. 

- To prove it, she's releasing a new song: "Like a Virgin... Pina Colada". 


The Windsor Tunnel is getting a new roof starting in August. The old roof has been up there since the 1920's!!!

- So think of that the next time you drive through the tunnel before work begins. 


A worldwide survey named Denmark as the happiest place in the world. 

- I would have picked the U.S. ever since we found out Richard Simmons is okay. 


Federal Agents arrested Ryan Collins, the hacker who released hundreds of female celebrities' nude photos online last year. 

- Ironically, his mug shot didn't get a single "Like". 


The suspect in the Kalamazoo shootings is suing Uber for $10 Million, claiming the Uber App "controlled his mind and actions". 

- I'm sure he won't win the lawsuit, but he's a cinch to win the "Height of Audacity" award. 


Have a great O'Thursday... and I'll see you back here Friday!