Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford have announced that they're making another "Indiana Jones" movie. 

- It will be called: "Indiana Jones & The Bottle of Ensure". 


Marco Rubio has suspended his campaign after losing his home state of Florida to Donald Trump in yesterday's Florida Primary. 

- But he'll stay involved in the Presidential Race...working as Donald Trump's pool boy under the name "Little Marco". 


Wallethub is reporting that Hillary Clinton's supporters have the worst credit scores of all the candidates. 

- Meanwhile Hillary has the Best credit score because of the millions in cash she earned giving speeches to her debt-ridden supporters. 


Amazon has filed a patent for an App that would allow people to make purchases with a Selfie. 

- This is good news for Kim Kardashian who can now use naked selfies to buy herself some clothes. 


Dallas Seavy has won the Iditarod Dog Sled Race for the third year in a row and fourth time in five years. 

- He must own the only dogs in history that don't run around in circles when they have to go to the bathroom. 


Kim Jong Un announced that North Korea is going to test a nuclear warhead this weekend. 

- His relatives are making bets on which one of them it's going to land on. 


The Government of Thailand has put the country's Buddist Monks on a Diet and Fitness regime, claiming 50% are obese and many suffer from high cholesterol and have high blood pressure. 

- Instead of rubbing Budda's belly, they want people to rub Budda's six-pack abs. 

- They got the idea when they saw that Marie Osmond had lost 50 pounds on Nutri-System! 


On this day in 1994 Tonya Harding pled guilty for having Nancy Kerrigan whacked on the knee. 

- Speaking of wacky... On this day in 1987 Princess Di complemented Boy George on his choice of attire. 

- Speaking of wacky, again... Jerry Lewis is 90 today. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!