The producers of last night's Grammys admitted that several technical glitches made world famous singer Adele sound off key during her live performance. 

- But Kanye West jumped up on stage and claimed that Beyonce had the greatest technical-glitch off-key performance of all time. 


While were on the subject... Kanye followed up his tweet the other day claiming to be over $50 Million in debt with another tweet - this one to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg asking him to invest $1 Billion in his ideas. 

- Certainly sounds reasonable to me. 

- Apparently he's having trouble Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 


Due to a cash crisis, ISIS is not only cutting Jihadist salaries, they just announced they are cutting back on terrorist "perks" including free energy drinks and Snickers Bars. (All made in America btw).

- No Snickers Bars? Those guys are gonna go ballistic! 

- You'd think ISIS would have plenty of cash since they don't have to pay anyone a pension.


102 year old Maury Goosenberg and his 100 year old wife Helen were honored in California as America's longest married couple at 80 years, saying humor is the key to a long union. 

- Maury and Helen said they can't remember life without each other. Then again, they can barely remember what they had for breakfast.


A Bill put forth in Kentucky would require men to get a signed permission slip from their wives before being allowed to fill a prescription for Viagra. 

- So basically, "The Moment Isn't Going To Be Right Unless Your Wife Says It Is". 

- Maury Goosenberg said he's glad he lives in California. 


"Hookers for Hillary" held their first rally in Nevada yesterday. The group is comprised of "working girls" from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch Brothel. 

- Bill is introducing the girls to Hillary since he knows them all. 


A Colorado State University study found that obese people see distances as farther than they actually are. 

- To illustrate their point they said:  Michael Moore thinks Pizza Hut is a mile away when it's really just down the street. 

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