The Russian made Jeep carrying Fidel Castro's ashes to the cemetery broke down and had to be pushed down the road by soldiers to a repair shop. 

- Just like Fidel himself, the breakdown was a Pain in the Ash. 


Alec Baldwin says he'll stop doing his Donald Trump imitation on "Saturday Night Live" if the President Elect releases his tax returns. 

- C'mon Donald... release 'em so we can begin to make "SNL Great Again".


Over three feet of snow fell over Hawaii this weekend... and more is on the way.

- The Weather Channel is doing a special on it called "Hawaii-Five-Snow".


Time Magazine has revealed the short list for it's "Person of the Year". Nominees include Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, the Flint Water Crisis Whistleblowers and Beyonce. 

- Most of the nominees made a huge impact on World Events... and apparently Beyonce looked really hot at some Music Award Show . 


A new study shows that eating one ounce of nuts a day can dramatically increase your lifespan. 

- Unless, of course, you happen to be allergic to nuts. 


The New York Post is reporting that Anthony Weiner has been calling friends in the restaurant industry looking for a job. 

- He sent out a ton of resumes... but apparently nothing popped up. 

- I guess his Amateur Photography business isn't bringing in enough cash. 


More photos surfaced over the weekend of Hillary Clinton hiking in the woods. 

- And just like her Campaign Strategists... she can't see the forest for the trees. 

- If she'd spend this much time hiking around states like Iowa and Michigan, she might have won the election.


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday! 


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