A Los Angeles man is suing Krispy Kreme donuts for "misleading business practices", claiming their fruit filled donuts don't actually contain any fruit. 

- If you're looking to get your daily servings of fruit from a donut, there may be some bigger issues involved here. 

- The man, a Mr. "H. Simpson" said he wants to make a point and "isn't just in it for the D'oh!"


Ten year old Barron Trump will be the First Presidential Son to be in the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr. 

- Unless you count the 8 years George W. Bush lived there. 

- Who can forget the adorable pics of John-John playing under his Dad's desk... or the mental images of Monica Lewinsky hiding under Bill Clinton's?


Jesse Jackson is calling for President Obama to issue a blanket Pardon to Hillary Clinton. 

- He's not saying she actually committed any CRIMES, he just thinks to PARDON her would be a good idea. 


Yesterday, Hillary made her first public appearance since her concession speech, telling a crowd that it was hard for her, and part of her wanted to "curl up with my dogs and never leave the house". 

- Her dogs include a Poodle named "Tally", a mutt named "Maisie", and a hound dog named "Bill". 


A study by the Journal Pediatrics found that a 50% of parents aren't spanking their kids anymore. 

- But ever since "Fifty Shades of Grey" came out, the Dads are spanking the Moms. 


A new study found that 40% of Americans now crave Wi-Fi more than chocolate, alcohol or sex. 

- Of course a lot of them crave Wi-Fi so they can go online and buy candy bars and wine from Amazon... and then watch some X rated entertainment. 


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