North Korean Officials have reportedly asked the Chinese Government to stop their people from referring to Kim Jong Un as "Kim Fatty The Third". 

- Kim Jong Un himself is said to be "taking it on the chin". And that is one, very chubby double chin. 

- China chocked it up to "Sweet & Sour Grapes". 


President Obama said that the first thing he'll do after his Presidency is over, it take a few weeks off. 

- After 8 long years he's FINALLY gonna have time to play a few rounds of golf! 


A fake news story claiming that Donald Trump was going to offer Hillary Clinton a position in his cabinet has gotten a lot of reaction on the internet. 

- People realized it was fake they read he was going to make her "Secretary of Email Security".


After being ridiculed on social media, U of M's Law School has cancelled it's “Post-Election Self-Care With Food and Play” event which invited students to work out their Trump-win anxiety with crayons, coloring books, bubble blowing, and Play-Doh. 

- Law students still interested in those activities are encourage to enroll in Pre-School. 


Momentum is building for a proposal which would see Nevada, Oregon, Washington State and California leaving the US to join Canada. 

- Some Trump supporters said, "Hey... Don't let North Dakota Hit You On The Ass On The Way Out". 


George W. Bush and Laura posted a pic of themselves of Facebook with their newly adopted puppy "Freddie". 

- Apparently they were bored with the family's former dog... Jeb. 


A 3,200 year old mummy has been discovered in an Egyptian Tomb. 

- That or Larry King is vacationing in Giza. 


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