In an interview with the Today Show, the new Miss Universe said Steve Harvey should return to host next year's pageant. 

- Meanwhile Miss Colombia said he should be the new host of "The Biggest Loser". 


The World's 5 Richest People lost a combined total of $8.7 Billion dollars during yesterday's stock  market sell off including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos who's fortune took a $3.7 Billion hit.

- Luckily he just renewed his membership to Amazon Prime! 


Multiple reports say that Bill Cosby's wife Camille is going to turn against her husband "Dr. Huxtable", when he appears in court on sexual assault charges.  

- She always wanted to be married to a doctor, but it turns out he's more of a Pharmacist. 


Madonna's son, Rocco, has reportedly blocked her from viewing his Instagram page. 

- Call me crazy...but shouldn't it be the other way around???


Donald Trump is reportedly spending $2 Million a week on new TV ads leading up to the Iowa primaries. 

- While Jeb Bush is spending $3 Million a week on anti-depressants. 


Anne Hathaway posted a bikini pic that shows her sporting a massive baby bump. They're saying the baby could weigh up to 7 pounds. 

- Throw in Anne's weight and they're tipping the scales at almost 35 pounds!


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