President Obama announced Executive Action on Gun Control that would impose stiffer background checks on the mentally unstable. 

- Apparently he doesn't want the ladies on "The View" packing' heat. 


North Korea is claiming that it has successfully detonated it's first Hydrogen Bomb. 

- Sounds like Kim Jong Un has been playing with that 'Lil Scientist Kit he got for Christmas. 


Hillary Clinton told a New Hampshire audience that her New Year's Resolution is to ignore Donald Trump. 

- As opposed to last year's Resolution which was to ignore the whole email thing. 


Military experts believe the new "Jihadi John" featured in the ISIS recruiting videos used to sell bouncy castles for kid's parties. 

- When the head of ISIS heard about this...he immediately blew up all the bouncy castles in Iraq.  


Caitlyn Jenner told Advocate magazine that "there's more to being a woman than hair and make-up" and that she missed a lot. 

- For instance instead of going through menopause, she paused being a man. 


Mike Tyson has announced that he might go Vegan. 

- I'll bet when he finds out the only ears he can bite into are corn, he'll change his mind. 


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