The Detroit News and Freep are reporting that Lion's coach Jim Caldwell will survive for another year because the team ended with a 7-9 record after starting the season at 1-7. 

- The decision will ultimately be made by the team's new 90 year old owner, Martha Firestone Ford, but not until she finishes her Bingo Tournament later this week. 


Bernie Sanders says that he doesn't think Bill Clinton's sex life should be brought up during the Presidential campaign. 

- While most Americans are just hoping Bernie Sanders sex life won't be brought up during the Presidential campaign. 


Sources say that Don Lemon was drunk during CNN's New Year's Eve Broadcast. 

- Anderson Cooper should have been the one tanked so he could make it through his stint with the always obnoxious Kathy Griffin. 


According to a new survey, the most common New Year's Resolution posted on Facebook was to lose weight. 

- Personally, I'd rather have people keep eating and resolve to stop posting cute cat videos. 


Republican Presidential hopeful Chris Christie called President Obama "a petulant child". 

- A White House spokesperson responded, "Is not!" to which Christie replied, "Is too!"


Bill Cosby is out on $1 million dollars bail after being officially charged in his sex scandal. 

- Luckily, with his $400 million fortune, the bail hasn't cut into his wine and pill budget. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday! 


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