Last night, Governor Snyder activated the National Guard to help hand out safe drinking water to the people in Flint. 

- This has been going on for some it's about time he decided to get the lead out. 


Donald Trump called last night's State of the Union address "really boring, slow & lethargic". 

- He said the exact same thing last week about Jeb Bush. 


After 21 years, the St. Louis Rams are headed back to Los Angeles. 

- That's all well and good, but most likely the Lions still have no chance of going to the Super Bowl anytime soon. 


Police in Ohio sent their thanks to a wanted man who was captured after sending them a selife to replace his mugshot which he said was "terrible".

- The man used a Selfie-Stick to snap the pic which will be replaced by a Selfie-Shank when he gets to prison. 


According to a new report, Bill and Hillary Clinton did not give Donald Trump a gift for his 2005 wedding to wife Melania. 

- Looks like things are about to get nasty on the campaign trail. 


A cologne inspired by Vladimir Putin has become a top seller in Moscow...with creators saying it has a "warm, inviting & unifying" scent... 

- ...With "Invasive & Communist undertones". 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!