Congrats to Piston Great "Big Ben" Wallace, whose #3 Jersey will be retired and sent to the rafters before Saturday night's game!

-  It'll be the first retirement ceremony at the Palace since the Piston's retired Dennis Rodman's Wedding Dress back in 2011.


Five people won last night's Powerball Jackpot. 

- And bets are everyone of them will use the money to quit their job, take a trip to Disney World and hire security to protect them from friends and relatives.   


With Bernie Sanders polling higher in Iowa, some of Hillary Clinton's aides say they are suffering from "2008 PTSD".

- Meanwhile, Bill's aides claim he's suffering from STD's. 


A study published in the journal Biology Letters suggests that dogs can read human emotions. 

- So can Cats, but THEY don't give a rats patoot how you're feeling. 


A new survey found that 1 in 10 Americans would star in a porn movie for a million bucks. 

- The same survey found that 10 in 10 Kardashians would do it for free... They'd be better off doing a remake of the classic film "Rear Window". 


The cast of "Friends" is reuniting for a 2-hour NBC special that will honor the show's director James Burrows. 

- In other showbiz news... Hollywood is planning a new Buddy movie starring Sean Penn and El Chapo. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!